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We welcome groups and individuals to learn from our experienced guides about a century of innovation, forward thinking, manufacturing and craftsmanship.

A Fascinating History

FOXFORD was founded in 1892 by an Irish nun, called Mother Agnes Morrogh-Bernard. Mother Agnes came to the town of Foxford with the hope of bringing ‘Brighter Homes, Better Work and Greater Happiness’ to the locality and her vision of possibility, tenacity and bravery weaves an intriguing tale through the decades that followed.

The FOXFORD story is timeless, rooted in our history yet looking to our future.

Weaving Connections

The well-known Irish political leader Michael Davitt helped Mother Agnes make a connection with a mill owner in Co Tyrone, John Smith. A Protestant and Freemason working with a Catholic nun in 19th century Ireland was a rare thing indeed.


The FOXFORD Experience

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