People of FOXFORD

The Fabric Of Our Community.

Over a century after it was first established, the people of Foxford remain the beating heart of our mill. From design to loom — the people of FOXFORD are all connected by a commitment to good design and a love for the local community. We employ over 70 people in our mill and shops, the majority of which are based in the surrounding area, as well as working with an extensive network of creators and small businesses far and wide.

Hear from a few members of the team, in their own words.

Joe Queenan, Managing Director & Custodian -

“It has that energy, there's no question. Everybody that comes through the door, it taps them on the shoulder and says, look, there's something here. And it does exist. It's real. And that's what has got us all here — the soul of FOXFORD.”

Helen McAlinden, Designer -

“You feel the history of the place every day. Even though we’re now a contemporary lifestyle brand, we are still very sensitive to the environment that we’re working in. I mean we’re here, listening to the noise of the looms underneath us, and it’s really inspiring. I still love writing the weave plans, that original process is still at the very core of everything we do.”

Jill and Mildred, Sales and Finance -

“We hear amazing stories every day in the stores. Particularly the grandmothers who come in with the original blankets — the ones they had as they went off to boarding school. You know, you had to have two FOXFORD blankets and a dressing gown. People have had them for 50 years and they come to buy another one exactly the same.”