Our Yarns

And how they’re spun

From the very beginning, our throws, blankets and scarves have been woven at our mill using the finest wools — from traditional lambswool and merino to luxurious mohair and cashmere. Our yarns are sourced from specialist yarn suppliers whom we have worked with for many years, a tight-knit supply chain that we’re incredibly proud of.

Irish Wool

The original FOXFORD throws and blankets were made using wool sourced from sheep that grazed the banks of the River Moy, but our rugged, wild Atlantic climate meant it tended to be a bit too coarse and scratchy.

Angora Wool

Not to be confused with fibre from the Angora rabbit, our Angora wool is more commonly known as mohair. Responsibly sourced from Angora goats, with a distinctive soft feel and lustrous sheen, this durable fibre responds well to colourful dyes.

Cashmere Wool

This beautifully lightweight fibre is renowned for being one of the softest natural fibres around. Sourced from cashmere goats in China and Mongolia, our cashmere blends are stronger, finer and lighter than traditional sheep wool, with better insulating properties.

Australian Wool

Most of the wool used in our mill today is Australian lambswool. Australian sheep are bred specifically for their fine fleece. The wool is breathable and absorbs moisture, making it a versatile material for all seasons.

The Spinning Process

Once selected, our yarns are spun in the UK and Ireland by specialist craftspeople chosen for their commitment to quality. We then receive spools of wool ready to weave, and this is where our small but talented team takes over.

The Weaving Shed

The weaving process begins in our design studio where the warp plan is developed. The warp consists of threads which run vertically from the top to the bottom of the cloth. The number of threads to be wound onto the warp beam (which is approx 180cm wide) depends on the thickness of the yarn and the weight and width of the cloth required — with some clothes made of up to 2500 threads. Once on the loom, the weft yarn is introduced. The weft yarn is the thread that runs across the warp yarns. It is in the weaving that the pattern of the cloth emerges, the combination of the colours in the warp and the weft plan.

The Softest Irish Water

When cloth has been woven, its appearance and texture is rough. There are many processes involved in transforming the cloth into a luxurious finished product, many of which have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. We only use the softest River Moy water to scour our fabric, ensuring that it is gently restored to its natural, super-soft state. Scouring removes the oil applied to protect the fibre during the manufacturing processes.

Checked By Hand

When they come out of the weaving shed, all of our woven products are pulled by hand across a table with a light under it, and inspected carefully for blemishes or faults. These are then individually repaired with a needle and thread — a perfect example of our centuries-old commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

More Than a Century of Expertise

To this day, our small team of craftspeople makes our signature throws, blankets, scarves and upholstery fabric in-house at our mill using the same traditional techniques that have been employed for over a century. From warping and weaving to finishing and quality control, we have around 30 people working in different areas of production — all part of our close-knit FOXFORD family.