Creating a sustainable, homemade advent calendar is a beautiful gift idea.
Here's a creative and eco-friendly suggestion from Foxford.

Materials you will need:

  • 24 Small Upcycled Containers: Collect and clean small glass jars, tin cans, or cardboard boxes. These can be decorated to make them festive.
  • Natural Twine or Ribbon: To hang the containers.
  • Recycled Paper or Fabric: Use old newspapers, magazines, or fabric scraps for making labels.
  • Paints or Markers: To decorate the containers and create numbers.
  • Advent Calendar Fillers: Sustainable gift ideas include homemade treats, seeds, small potted plants, chocolates, or small sustainable products (e.g., bamboo toothbrushes).
  • String Lights (optional): To make it extra festive.


  1. Prepare the Containers: Clean and decorate the containers. Paint them, wrap them in upcycled fabric, or decorate them with markers. Number them from 1 to 24.
  2. Create Labels: Cut paper or fabric into small labels and write or paint an act of kindness for each day. For example, "Plant a seed today," "Write a heartfelt letter to a loved one," "Cook a meal," or "Pick up litter in your neighbourhood."
  3. Fill the Containers: Place one act of kindness label and a small gift or treat into each container.
  4. Arrange the Calendar: Line up the containers as a Christmas tree, wreath, or creative pattern. Attach them to a wall or a piece of cardboard using twine or ribbon. You can also add string lights for a warm touch.
  5. Countdown to Christmas: Each day, open a container, read the act of kindness, and perform it. It's a meaningful and sustainable way to celebrate the season.


This sustainable advent calendar not only reduces waste by upcycling materials but also promotes acts of kindness and eco-friendly practices. It's a thoughtful gift that encourages mindfulness and sustainable living throughout Christmas.