Wedding season is well and truly upon us. We have created The Foxford Wedding Gift Guide. For decades a Foxford Blanket was top-tier gifting for any newly married couple.

Last year we received a letter from a gentleman who, with his wife was gifted Foxford Blankets 50 years ago as their wedding gift. Since retirement, he has taken over the task of making the bed from his wife and marvelled at how the Foxford blanket is still used and loved by the couple, all throughout their marriage.

The products may have changed slightly from blankets to throws and bedlinen but the symbol of what these products stand for has not. Warmth, security, and something tangible that will always remind them of the person who gifted it.


Bath and Bedding


A simple but excellent gift idea is a towel bundle. FOXFORD towels not only come in a range of colours but are also 100% cotton, ultra- absorbent, and fluffy. 


The average person spends 26 years sleeping during their entire life, the sheets you lay in are just as important as the shoes you stand in or the clothes you wear. Give them the gift of not just sleep, but good quality sleep in cool, crisp, and contemporary, Irish-designed bed linen.

Home and Accessories


After all the excitement and festivities are over, give the couple something to curl up with when they choose their photographs or watch the video of their special day; a FOXFORD Throw. This gift will be the item they reach for on chilly evenings, and place over each other when they have fallen asleep on the couch (again!).

They will think of their special day and a special loved one each time they use it.



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