Using woollen throws in the summer can seem wrong since wool is known for its warmth. However, there are ways to incorporate them into your summer decor while still making them practical and comfortable. Here are a few suggestions

Lighter Weight Wool

Opt for lighter-weight woollen throws made from breathable materials like Lambswool or Mohair. These types of wool are thinner and more suitable for summer use.


foxford mohair throw green

Colour and Pattern

Choose throws in lighter colours and patterns that evoke a summer aesthetic. Pastels, or bright, cheerful designs can add a touch of summer to your space.

fiadh foxford throw pink grey and yellow throw

Fiadh Lambswool Throw

Airy Layering

Consider layering the throw over lighter bedspreads or sheets. This creates a visually appealing look while still allowing airflow and preventing overheating.

michael collins throw on a bed foxford

Outdoor Use

Woollen throws can be excellent companions for outdoor summer activities. They can provide warmth during cool evenings or add a cosy touch to your picnic or beach outing. Spread them out on the grass, or sand, or use them as a wrap when the temperature drops.

Decorative Accents

Drape a woollen throw over the back of a chair, the armrest of a sofa, or the end of a bed as a decorative accent. This adds texture and visual interest to your space without the need for actual use.

annagh mohair throw blue foxford

Evening Patio Ambience

Place a folded woollen throw on chairs or benches if you have a patio or outdoor seating area. This creates a cosy ambience and can be useful for chilly evenings spent outside.

innisfree yellow cashmere throw foxford

Here are some more easy ways you can use your wool throw in summer

1. Picnics in the park: Spread out your wool throw and use it as a comfortable and cosy picnic blanket.

2. Beach days: Use your wool throw as a comfortable beach blanket to sit on or to wrap around yourself on cooler beach days.

3. Outdoor concerts: Bring your wool throw to outdoor concerts and use it as a cushion to sit on or as a warm wrap as the sun sets.

4. Camping trips: Use your wool throw as an extra layer of warmth in your sleeping bag or as a cosy wrap to wear around the campfire.

Remember, wool is a breathable and versatile material that can keep you warm in cooler temperatures and wick away moisture in warmer temperatures. So don't pack away your wool throws just because it's summer!