The Nature of Things

Connection to nature is the compass that steers our creativity

As we move through spring into May – with all of the regenerative optimism this time of year brings with it – we felt that now was the perfect time to share something exciting the FOXFORD team has been working on over the past few months.

Last year we celebrated 130 years of FOXFORD. This is a milestone that would not have been reached if it weren’t for the people who have been involved in the business from the very first day. It has been wonderful to look back and honour the stories of our community – something we will continue to do well into our future

Connection to Nature

As we look forward to the next 130 years, we are reminded how important it is to keep our past as a constant source of inspiration for our present.

Compass toward creativity

This season, we have been paying particularly close attention to the beautiful landscape surrounding our mill. From the luscious vegetable gardens, planted and nurtured by the founding Sisters of Charity, to the fast-flowing River Moy that has inspired many of our prints. Connection to nature is the compass that steers our creativity, whether it’s in the design of our products or the quiet moments of reflection it offers our team throughout the day

The month of May encourages a deeper connection with nature, particularly with the beauty of our surroundings and the mental space they afford us. It’s a time for change, to reflect on old habits and embrace new ones. And to that end, we are delighted to introduce our latest campaign: The Nature of Things.

Through this campaign, and our refreshed collection of handcrafted homeware, we are celebrating the joy of everyday rituals. From that first stretch in the morning, tucked up in freshly ironed sheets, to a hot cup of tea in the afternoon and the peaceful serenity of a moment spent outside wrapped in a warm blanket. These are the small moments we savour throughout the season; this is the nature of things.

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